Below is a directory to all our official scents. Each one lists the notes of each scent, starting with the top notes (what you'll smell at first sniff but usually falls off shortly after lighting your candle), followed by middle and base notes (The notes of each scent which will blend into the base, which is what you will smell most out of your candle when it's burning). Please use this guide before choosing which scents to purchase.

Agave Pear // Lush green leaves, agave, pear, moss, vetiver.

Amber moss // Lotus petals, amber, plum, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk.

Golden Patchouli // Italian bergamot, crushed vanilla pods, ylang ylang, patchouli.

Grapefruit Neroli // Pink grapefruit, neroli blossoms.

Sweetgrass // True to real, fresh native burning sweetgrass.

Wonderland // berries, fresh fruit, vanilla pods, tonka bean spice.



(exclusive to Brika's Mother's Day gift box, will not be available in stores or online anywhere else!)